School Management Application/Software: Advantages and Benefits for the School

As you know, that we are living in the 21st century. The Public is using new technology & trust in the science. They are using smart phones, ATM, shopping card and they believe in the online shopping, mobile application, software etc.

About school management software/application:

The school management software/application is a computerized application and a software program which helps to controlled running of the school operations. This application software is considered to be perfect for storing, mining, controlling and centralizing of the activities of the entire school. In other words, it helps in mining and controlling of all the activities and operations being carried out in a school. It also maintains the record of the school data of the smooth educational institute which can be used as and when required.

The teachers and school administrators work hard, but many of the reasons they use computer service for better result and for “low time more better result“.

The school management software helps in providing various tools, app which helps in effective controlling and functioning of administration department of the school. And different types of functions done by this software are handling the admission process, timetable, school fees collection, HR, examination, inventory and also the attendance of children.

Top Benefits of use school management software:

1. Save secure data in a simple and accessible format

2. Reduce the paperwork

3. Save communication cost & time

4. Easy to tracking of the students

5. The reduced the workload of the administration department

6. Quality of teaching is improved

School management app myly: mylyapp is a Free school management application for school, college and education institutes. Mylyapp has many benefits & advantages as:

1. Easy to Use

2. Improved brand images

3. Connect with Student–Teacher–Parents in one click

4. Reduce use of paper

5. Secure data storage

6. Accessible anytime, anywhere

7. Save communication cost & time

8. Get all communication even when the student is absent

9. Ask queries without calling or visiting your institutes

10. Pay activity fees via the app by net banking, credit/debit card

Download free mylyapp:


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