Mylyapp, A Mobile app (And Free) school management system

The School management application/software systems in India are archaic (just the way our education system is) and most of these software are developed by fly-by-night operators who really do a crappy job of building such a software (and charge a bomb to schools).

At the present time, school, college and all education institutes need to really adapt latest software which can help them to improve on the our education system and school productivity.

Mylyapp is a flagship product of EduCommerce Technologies PVT LTD. Myly come with mobile app solutions for educational institutes such school, college, university and education center. mylyapp is a cloud based communication and transaction platform for Schools, Colleges, universities, students and parents.

Easy to adopt for schools mylyappMylyapp can be used as:

1.    Student information system
2.    School management app
3.    School ERP
4.    Student Record system
5.    Parent – teacher communication app
6.    School fees management system

Features of the mylyapp:

1. Bi-directional messaging between Educators and Students/Parents
2. Homework, Assignment & Circulars sharing
3. Attendance notification on absence
4. Share calendar and event notifications
5. Share Images and videos

If you are searching for the school management app, parent teacher communication app, school fees management app for your school, college and education institutes, mylyapp is a best option for you. Mylyapp is a free of cost, for all Indian school, colleges and education institutes.


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