mylyapp: my favorite FREE app for Parent – Teacher and Student communication

Keeping the good communication between parent-teacher and student is not an easy task. There are many ways to communicate between parent – teacher such phone call, message, notes, email, voicemail, and more.

With the perfect solution of the parent teacher communication, mylyapp come with the most unique features. mylyapp is a mobile platform that supports to  communication system.

Mylyapp is a mobile app that make to easy parent-teacher- student communication. Use this app teachers create a community with parents & school staff, where they share own ideas and real time information.

school parent teacher communication mobile app myly

 Mylyapp has some of the most features such:

1. Messaging between Educators and Students/Parents
2. Share homework, Assignment & Circulars sharing
3. Get Attendance notification when a student is absent
4. Share calendar, event notifications and run-time notifications
5. Share all Images and videos
6. Tell parents what kids are learning
7. Schedule events and send reminders automatically

If you are looking for a parent teacher communication app, school management app  then, mylyapp is the perfect solution for you.

Download parent teacher communication app:


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