School communication app easier connect to parent teacher & student

In the new technologies time today every person is using new technologies and save time & cost. And the public is also interested in using new technology. Such people are using an ATM card, net banking, online shopping, smartphone and more. But why we are back in using new technology in our education system?

At the new technologies time we have many types of mobile apps which can be very beneficial for all education centers to connect parent teacher & student.

School communication app @myly

School communication and better school management myly used by the many top schools, college and education center. myly is a best school ERP solution for school, college, university and education center.

school parent teacher communication mobile app myly

The key features of myly:

1. Instant communication between parent teacher & student.

2. Newsletters share to parent and students can read anytime & anywhere.

3. Attendance notification when student on absent.

4. Fast and secure access to the shared important information

5. Get homework assignment and circulars sharing.

6. Share calendar, Timetable and event notification

7. Share Exam schedule, Timetable, Exam result

8. Share monthly student’s exam-test report and status report

9. Share images and videos of the events and functions

10. Parents can pay activities fees by net banking, credit/debit card

For more information visit here:


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