Why Should You Need an ERP Solution for Your School Management system?

Nowadays, most of the schools, college, university and education center need to deal with heavy data of different activities. The daunting task of managing several operational data, such as school data, student data and staff data, all attendance records, students’ progress reports, school fee collection data, among others, flawlessly poses a serious challenge to any school. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is the best solution to manage all of the school management system.

ERP solution is a technology-based solution that organized all of the necessary information and tasks across all of the departments of a school on a central server, thereby integrating the school’s all processes, departments and functions. This way, it enables the school to bring all its key stakeholders including students, their parents, teachers, school staff and school management on a single platform.


How will ERP benefit for all schools?

Providing a best solution to all day-to-day school activities, ERP helps in connecting, integrating and streamlining all activities of different departments. When all school-related databases are stored on a central server, all stakeholders can derive benefits using this centralized server.

Students: When an ERP solution is implemented in a school, college and education institutes, students can get access to all necessary information, including study materials, class schedules, library catalogues, assessments, projects, among others, at anytime anywhere. Use school ERP modules and school app students get all communication, homework, even when the student is absent. It helps a student connect with other students and participate in online discussions. Such open communication helps in motivating the students to be more engaged in the teaching-learning process.

Teacher: All-time availability of information on the program as well as students enables teachers to devise their lesson plans in a more appropriate manner. Further, teachers can use ERP modules to conduct tests, upload various study materials, provides assignments, tasks and projects, and analyze the performance of their students.

Staff communication and management: staff communication can energize this advanced school-based solution to automate the entire administrative tasks. They use ERP to:

• Generate various reports – related to the school as well as students’ academic performance-automatically, student result report.
• Manage various financial data-such as cash flow, budgets, payroll, leaves, among others.
• Storing comprehensive data in a secured manner.
• Conduct various polls and surveys involving teachers, students and parents.
• Bring more transparency to the operational process.

Parents: Using the ERP solution, parents can easily keep their eye on children’s academic performance, pay all school fees online without any problem, easily communicate with their children’s teachers and most importantly, keep abreast of all the latest school activities. It, therefore, brings more transparency between the school and parents.


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