mylyapp: Free School Mobile App

The 21st century is new technology time and everyone are using new technology in all of the functional area. Like public are using smartphone, ATM machine, online shopping, GPS Tracking and more.. As this type now schools, college, university & educational institutes are also starting to use such new technology in education system like school mobile app, school software, ERP & tools.

School mobile apps, ERP  & software are very beneficial for the all of the educational institutes and parents as:


Benefits of the institutes:

1. Improve brand image
2. Save communication cost & staff time for better use
3. Save secure cloud school data for reuse
4. Accessible anytime & anywhere
5. Reduce carbon footprint & use paper work

Benefits of the parents & student:

1. Get all communication even when the student is absent
2. Get homework, Exam schedule, exam result & Images-Videos of the student activities
3. Ask any queries without calling or visiting your institutes
4. Pay school fees via mobile app, ERP & software by net banking, credit/debit card

In 21st century many school mobile apps, and ERP are available Free & paid version.

Like a Free school mobile app is a mylyapp, which help to connect with parent teacher & student.


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