Why our education system is back compare foreign country’s education system?

Do you Know, why our education system is back?

Today, most of the excellent students are like go to in foreign countries like UK, USA, Canada & London for better education. Because all of the foreign country is using new technology and they trust in best technology like GPS tracking, mobile app ERP & software.

What we don’t have a best education center & our educational center don’t use such new technology & technique?

But This is not true, India has many better Educational centers & such new technology & technique. But schools, college & university are not using such technology because they have not knowledge about such technology.

If the Indian schools, college & university are using such new technology, they students will not move to the foreign country for better education and they don’t spend a big money in a foreign country for own education.

Even when such new technologies are available in India within FREE & modest cost.

For an example mylyapp is FREE school mobile app help to connect with parent teacher & student. Parents Get all communication, school notification & homework even when the student is absent. Education institutes & teacher save time & cost use such new technology & mobile apps and they use this time in more extra efforts for better result.

Like foreign country, In India more ERP & software are available for better security of the students like GPS tracking app, GPS ERP software & tools. Now top Indian schools, college & university are starting to use such GPS Tracking apps, ERP software & modules.

All Education Institutes, Schools, college & university can download FREE mobile from Google Play Store:


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