Top Benefits of the GPS Tracking System for the School Bus

Student & Kids’ safety is a growing public concern. Lost kids, kidnapping, abductions are almost everyday visited on the news headlines. And yet only a small number of schools/ parents/guardians consider using GPS tracking to prevent bad news from happening.


Benefits of the GPS Tracking System for the school bus:

* Increased Child Safety
* Parental Monitoring of School Buses Arrivals and Departures
* Bus Monitoring and Maintenance
* Track Bus Fuel Costs
* Improve School brand Image & Visibility
* Track Bus Driver Driving Behaviors
* Improve Ecological Accountability
* Improved Scheduling for Schools

The purpose of the safety for the kids & school student, myly launches a new feature GPS Tracking System for the school bus.

Why myly GPS Tracking System?

1. Real-time Tracking: Parents track real time location of the child’s school bus and take a quick action in case of an emergency.
2. Estimated Time of Arrival: Parents get a message on estimated time of arrival of school bus before pick-up to a morning and drop-off in the evening
3. Communication: Parents can communicate with teachers to ensure the safety of their children in the duration of commuting to school
4. Bus Arrival Alarm: Parents get a message stay alert with an arrival alarm so that student’s don’t miss their school bus and get alarm when school bus reached at home door.
5. Live View: Parents can visit live view of the child activity from the school bus.

If you are looking for the best GPS Tracking System for your schools, college, university & educational center, According me, myly is the best option for you.


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