5 Tools to Enhance with Parent-Teacher Communication

As innovation keeps on advancing, so ought to parent correspondence. Schools and their instructors have an incredible chance to upgrade correspondence and parent engagement by using accessible innovation apparatuses. Here are a couple instruments that can help instructors and schools convey all the more successful and increment parent engagement.

Online networking: Social media is an incredible approach to spread data, show, and share understudy act and also improve parent-instructor correspondence.

Facebook Groups: Allow you to confine participation to just those you affirm. With a Facebook gather educators can keep guardians educated, convey homework or authorization slips, and share photographs or recordings from classroom exercises or field trips.

Blogs: Many educators are presently utilizing web journals to keep guardians and understudies educated about homework, test dates and to get a depiction of what understudies will realize consistently.

Mobile Apps: Mobile applications are progressively picking up acknowledgment as a medium of correspondence amongst guardians and instructors. School Mobile App use has expanded by 63 percent in the course of the most recent few years and is being utilized by a large number of educators, guardians, and understudies. Mobile apps are very helpful in parent teacher communication & make a better education system.  As use school app parents can pay school fees via mobile apps. There are currently applications out there, particularly intended to build engagement in school groups and improve parent-instructor correspondence.

Video Podcasts: Include guardians in their youngster’s instruction with a periodic live video podcast of class exercises. This can give guardians a direct record of how the class works, how understudies carry on and what upgrades might be expected to improve the class. This kind of innovation can be muddled, and there are a few things you ought to contemplate before executing. Setting up a video catch framework and transmitting it to all guardians can be troublesome, considering individual innovative bent. Additionally, notwithstanding, when recordings are just imparted to classroom guardians, you may in any case get a few protests from a few guardians and understudies because of protection issues. Souncloud, Vocaroo, and AudioBoo are a couple devices you can use to make podcasts.

Live Chats: Live talks and video conferencing with guardians is a decent approach to make yourself effortlessly open to everybody that will be unable to meet face to face. There is a plenty of video upgraded visit choices. Presently you can stay away from most calendar conflicts and be accessible to the individuals who may have a troublesome time traveling by setting up an advantageous time to meet on the web. There are even instruments that permit various members to speak with each other to share thoughts in live online joint effort sessions. This could be an extraordinary device for Parent Teacher Association advisory groups. Skype in the Classroom is a decent device to start your live talks and video conferencing.

Gateway for Grades, Events and Calendar: This device is the minimum “social” and furthermore a more typical practice all through many educational systems. Understudy gateways permit guardians to see review data all through the semester. This practice for the most part results in more important follow-up sessions, keeping the guardians on top of it all through the procedure. A large portion of the understudy gateway frameworks and elements can now be coordinated into versatile applications, permitting guardians to have admittance to this data in the palm of their hand.

Albeit some still don’t have an entry to innovation, they are not very many as 91 percent of grown-up on a cell phone. Cell phones are permitted guardians to utilize the majority of the innovation examined to be required in their kid’s training regardless of where they are. Do you utilize innovation to keep guardians on top of it? Don’t hesitate to share

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Top Benefits of GPS Tracking System for School Bus

School transport organizations have a standout amongst the most vital occupations and greatest duties. They are in charge of transporting youngsters securely forward and backward to school. They are additionally in charge of overhauling guardians about any defers that may keep their youngsters from returning home on time.


GPS tracking for school transports can enhance well being measures and give guardians, teachers, and school transport drivers with expanded true serenity.

Expanded Child Safety – GPS tracking monitors school transports continuously, informing guardians of the particular entry times. This decreases the measure of time youngsters need to sit tight for transports to arrive, limits their presentation to nasty climate, and different perils they can be presented to while sitting tight for a school transport to arrive. GPS tracking apps likewise tell armada supervisors when transport drivers participate in dangerous conduct, for example, neglectful driving and entering no-go zones.

Parental Monitoring of School Bus Arrivals and Departures – Sending youngsters on a transport can be a hotspot for nervousness for guardians. GPS tracking gadgets can take out this nervousness by permitting guardians to watch out for the landing and takeoff of their kid’s school transport. By knowing the landing and flight times of their kid’s school transport, guardians can have expanded true serenity.

Transport Monitoring, Maintenance – Fleet administrators can enhance the support practices of school transports when the vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking gadgets. These gadgets tell directors when planned upkeep is required, which limits downtime and expensive breakdowns. At the point when transports do require support, armada supervisors will have the capacity to precisely plan substitution transports.

Track Bus Fuel Costs – By monitoring mileage and the courses that drivers take, school transport armada supervisors can track and better oversee fuel costs. Administrators can guarantee drivers are effectively driving their transports, that they are watching speed limits and that they are remaining on their booked courses.

Track Bus Driver Driving Behaviors – Manager will have the capacity to monitor the conduct of their drivers with GPS armada tracking. These gadgets monitor driving examples and practices, as hard braking, superfluous lingering and speeding. This decreases costs, as well as enhanced traveler well being.

Enhance Ecological Accountability – With GPS tracking gadgets, courses can be better streamlined and motor lingering can be limited. Both of these things lessen the effect transports have on nature by bringing down the measure of discharges they place out into the air.

Enhanced Scheduling for Schools – By knowing precisely when school transports will arrive and leave, school directors and instructors can make better and more successful calendars for their understudies. This takes into account better time administration and more ease of the school day.

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5 New Year Resolutions for Your School

  1. Thou shall embrace cashless transactions

Whether you like it or not, schools are bound to go cashless. Look around, less-cash is already here. What should you do?

  1. Get your school website updated to accept online fees payments
  2. Get a swipe machine for on-campus payments by credit/debit cards
  3. Get ready to accept smaller payments via e-Wallets (PayTM, FreeCharge etc.)

Paymentsatm Cashless Ec-cash Credit Card Money

2. Thou shall embrace mobile technology

Mobile app is the new website. The basic difference is that a website has to wait for someone to visit it, but the mobile app can create the pull by showing notifications at appropriate times. There are a bunch of free school mobile apps and some that offer great value adds for a small fees. What should you do?

  1. Get a mobile app to stay connected with your students and their parents; it shows that you are a high-tech smart school and the fees you ask for looks a little more justified
  2. Start communicating over Mobile app so that you have more control over the communication; WhatsApp groups tend to become a free-for-all fish-market where parents actually say more negative about your school than positive
  3. Train your teachers to use mobile apps to improve their efficiency; taking attendance on mobile app takes under 2 minutes and all reports are compiled automatically in real-time which may otherwise have taken a teacher about 10 minutes to take and compile

3. Thou shall not be held on gunpoint

You heard it right! What I mean by this is that your school brand should be as important as the teacher teaching in the class. Standardize processes and ensure that the knowledge base remains intact even when a good teacher leaves the school. Try to replicate the best processes across teachers and subjects. Make every teacher a great teacher, at least start trying.

4. Thou shall be connected to students after school

Allow Communication with teachers and students even after the class. Technology can help you with this. Allow teachers to share extra content, a couple of videos about the topic they taught in class today and some extra research work after the school. Students should be able to ask their queries to teachers even after school.

This will establish a holistic learning environment in and outside school and give your school brand a much needed shot in the arm. However, choose technology wisely which doesn’t become a menace for teachers, else they will not use them.


5. Thou shall personalize learning for students

This is the next frontier of learning and schools that can master this will not only be counted in the top schools but will also be able to charge top fees for their schools. In a 45 minute period, a teacher cannot personalize learning for each student. But after the class, with the use of technology, your school can do it. You can easily identify the toppers and struggling students based on their marks and grades and create systems to push IIT-training material or pass-book type material to each target audience respectively.

Brilliant students become even better and your overall pass percentage also improves

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to exercise (pun intended)

Top Benefits of the GPS Tracking System for the School Bus

Student & Kids’ safety is a growing public concern. Lost kids, kidnapping, abductions are almost everyday visited on the news headlines. And yet only a small number of schools/ parents/guardians consider using GPS tracking to prevent bad news from happening.


Benefits of the GPS Tracking System for the school bus:

* Increased Child Safety
* Parental Monitoring of School Buses Arrivals and Departures
* Bus Monitoring and Maintenance
* Track Bus Fuel Costs
* Improve School brand Image & Visibility
* Track Bus Driver Driving Behaviors
* Improve Ecological Accountability
* Improved Scheduling for Schools

The purpose of the safety for the kids & school student, myly launches a new feature GPS Tracking System for the school bus.

Why myly GPS Tracking System?

1. Real-time Tracking: Parents track real time location of the child’s school bus and take a quick action in case of an emergency.
2. Estimated Time of Arrival: Parents get a message on estimated time of arrival of school bus before pick-up to a morning and drop-off in the evening
3. Communication: Parents can communicate with teachers to ensure the safety of their children in the duration of commuting to school
4. Bus Arrival Alarm: Parents get a message stay alert with an arrival alarm so that student’s don’t miss their school bus and get alarm when school bus reached at home door.
5. Live View: Parents can visit live view of the child activity from the school bus.

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Why our education system is back compare foreign country’s education system?

Do you Know, why our education system is back?

Today, most of the excellent students are like go to in foreign countries like UK, USA, Canada & London for better education. Because all of the foreign country is using new technology and they trust in best technology like GPS tracking, mobile app ERP & software.

What we don’t have a best education center & our educational center don’t use such new technology & technique?

But This is not true, India has many better Educational centers & such new technology & technique. But schools, college & university are not using such technology because they have not knowledge about such technology.

If the Indian schools, college & university are using such new technology, they students will not move to the foreign country for better education and they don’t spend a big money in a foreign country for own education.

Even when such new technologies are available in India within FREE & modest cost.

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Like foreign country, In India more ERP & software are available for better security of the students like GPS tracking app, GPS ERP software & tools. Now top Indian schools, college & university are starting to use such GPS Tracking apps, ERP software & modules.

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